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I'm Done!

2012-10-25 00:13:34 by mooseymaniac

Sorry to say, but Newgrounds and I are over :/, come follow me on soundcloud under my new alias 'the furthest planet', I hope to be uploading regularly there and starting a new chapter in my composition life , thanks Newgrounds, and the many supportive fans that you've brought me through the past few years, it's been a time :D


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2012-10-25 01:06:52

Why exactly are you done here? Seems like you are cutting off a massive part of your fanbase for what reason?

mooseymaniac responds:

Hey LazyBucks, sorry to be all 'I'm stormin' outta here!" without much follow up on where I'm going or why I'm leaving, to put it the best I can, this place is like the nest that my musical identity was hatched in, it took a lot of experimentation and messing around to figure out how I liked to make music, I have a large number of songs on the audio portal and frankly, I don't like half of them, it's not so much that I want to leave Newgrounds for the sake of leaving, it's more that I want a fresh start in some other venue, somewhere outside this nest, this nest that I've had a lot of fun in and littered with attempts at forming my own musical stylings,

it really has been a slice and the last thing I want to do is cut off my fanbase!

this is a link to my new alias: t-planet

...and just so you know, I've never taken myself to seriously, probably never will, I make music for kicks and have a great time doing it :D


2012-10-25 02:08:51



2013-01-30 10:33:15

Thanks for the rockin tunes amigo - you are insanely talented!