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The end of late nights

2010-01-17 20:55:59 by mooseymaniac

I've decided that due to extremly insane amounts of mouth spittle, the common occurence of flaling over helplessly, and overly large quantities of energy drink, that I should start going to bed around 7:23. Just to get some actual sleep for a change.

And now we are 12 lines down from the word "spittle"... just to be safe.
Buying secret items has never been so hard! But now thanks to the interwebs we have more secret items than ever to buy! How are we supposed to chose. I think we should buy secret items only if they're
green, red, blue, yellow, brown, turqoise, black,
white, pink, orange, gold, silver, bronxe, purple,
magenta, Apricot, Gold, Orange, Silver,
Bittersweet, Gray, Orange, Red, Spring Green,
Black, Green, Orange Yellow, Tan,
Blue, Green Blue, Orchid, Thistle,
Blue Green, Green Yellow, Periwinkle, Turquoise Blue,
Blue Violet, Lemon Yellow, Pine Green, Violet (Purple),
Brick Red, Magenta, Prussian Blue, Violet Blue,
Brown, Mahogany, Red, Violet Red,
Burnt Sienna, Maize, Red Orange, White,
Carnation Pink, Maroon, Red Violet, Yellow,
Cornflower, Melon, Salmon, Yellow Green,
Flesh, Olive Green, Sea Green, Yellow Orange Aquamarine,
Copper, Lavender, Raw Sienna,
Blue Gray, Forest Green, Mulberry, Raw Umber,
Burnt Orange, Goldenrod, Navy blue, Sepia,
Cadet Blue, Indian Red, Plum, Sky Blue Chartreuse, Ultra Blue, Ultra Orange, Ultra Red,
Hot Magenta, Ultra Green, Ultra Pink, Ultra Yellow,
Atomic Tangerine, Hot Magenta, Outrageous Orange, Shocking Pink,
Blizzard Blue, Laser Lemon, Screamin' Green, Wild Watermelon
inch worm, jazzberry jam, mango tango, wild blue yonder

and any mixes of the above colors are acceptable too.

The end of late nights

The Moon

2009-12-10 01:21:58 by mooseymaniac

The beautiful moon

The Moon

Uh... Uh doe-nut?

2009-12-09 14:30:49 by mooseymaniac

Two songs in the top 30 songs list.... I seriously don't know how that happened. Jokes. They must be good or something. Thank you audio portal and whoever puts songs on the top 30 list. Luv you both.
Would someone mind explaining to me how songs get on the top 30 list anyway?
It seems to be by the deeming of some higher power.
...Anyway... kudos to me I guess. woo.

HOLY KA-FREAKINGCRAP! It's a live whale!

inspiration strikes!

2009-12-01 21:25:33 by mooseymaniac

... I have the inspiration to make a new song! And it came from three crisp pickles that I just ate.


2009-12-01 17:10:20 by mooseymaniac

Lets all move to the coast where the music harmonizes with the cries of the seagulls and we can dance on the cliffs of the ocean by the light of the moon.

Yay for babies!

2009-12-01 16:54:33 by mooseymaniac

Babies are incredible!
We have a perfect balance of good and evil in the world.
Babies being the friggen awesomest things on the planet versus vegimite being the absolute worse. How can you get any better than babies? How can you get any worse than vegimite? I don't believe it's possible either way. I stand by reason, If someone invents something any worse than vegimite the world will implode upon itself and we will all perish in the flames of its core... (that's just a warning to all inventors/creators out there).

All hail the oddness of this topic!


The little rocket boy

2009-11-27 01:53:34 by mooseymaniac

Climbing into his ship upon the moon, it's time to head heavenward. The journey begins with a simple step, and you can never know where it ends.

To find the epicenter

2009-11-05 12:19:08 by mooseymaniac

Yeah, I think we all need to dance.


2009-11-04 19:16:54 by mooseymaniac

What kind of food do people eat when they want to be inspired? I'm hungry for inspiration and cooking up ideas is hard enough as it is. I need to get the scoop on some tastes that empower the mind.... naw. food can't do nothing.