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I gave my newest track a listen and was like. WHOAH! That sounds horrible. I mean, it came out ok, but it sounds like a horrible quality 2 bandwidth internet radio song that isn't tuned properly. I will fix this, and update it. Eventually. Sumday. I think thats possible right? Updating the whole MP3? whatever. Haha. I was no. 29 for a while, it all makes sense now. It scared me how my song was only rated 4.13 but it was still getting 200 listens a day. Enough about music. No. jk. it's all about music. and it's all about love. And sneakers, and soda... carbonated beverages.

When I get a new pair of shoes.


2009-10-29 12:42:39 by mooseymaniac

That should be the name of a dairy bagel...
I want to give a shout out to the 31 people who think I'm awesome. I luv you guys. As of today, two new people have favorited me. Both of you are as cool as it gets. I am addicted to reviews, so thanx all of you who satisfy my craving. New songs will be up in.. I dunno. As soon as I'm inspired. (very soon) The Almost is an amazing band coming out with an album early november... along with switchfoot on the 10th... I'm stoked for both these releases and I would recommend at least giving each of them a listen. Favorite me! And you won't be dissapointed.

I have at least seven projects in the making that are super awesome. They're all really dancey and awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. . Oh look. Cookiesssssssssssssssss. hahah. thats the part where everybody laughs for at least ten minutes while the tears stream profusedly from their eyes. no. But on a much lighter note. I'm getting into British slang. It's the absolute best... I'm off for a short bimble down the walk. And heres where everybody decides they like me and can connect with my dysfunctional brain to the point of feeling we are all fighting the same fight of freedom and justice. JUSTICE! Can someone spell RAQUETTE for me? YEAH. you know who you are. Since were on the same page and in the same boat and sporting the same loose ties, lets talk about music. Get some ears people. Get some real ears. Fetch an actual opinion and maybe the NG community won't frown upon you so aggresively. I can't rant forever I suppose. If you could even call this said puddle of words a rant. My gosh.

the future

2009-09-12 16:43:36 by mooseymaniac

I am shouting this in words.


2009-08-31 00:00:51 by mooseymaniac

dragonflight didn't come out half as good as it should've... my apologies, but the dumb rendering glitches transformed a few of the sounds. Oh well. I will continue to toy with it. and perhaps restore it to optimum quality.

Nothing.Shpeh.Mynewsongcomesoutsometim esoon,goingtobelikearemixorsomethingit hink...ithinkanyway...whatever.idunno.